I received with great joy, the news that the President has considered, as part of activities for 2016, financial literacy education for market women. This is indeed cheery news for me and for many reasons.

For many years, I have been fascinated by the concept of managing finances by keeping records and making sense of the data generated. Then, in the course of my career, I started to learn that #PersonalFinance management went beyond analysing expense data. Mainly by self-study, I began to see the extent to which we could go with taking position early with regard to our financial lives. I learnt that this area of study is all-encompassing, including a focus on Savings, Investments, Tax, Insurance, Retirement and Estate planning. This knowledge is what prompted me to return to school for a PGD in Banking and Finance at Covenant University in February 2014. I needed to expand my knowledge base, carry out research and generally, be better equipped to teach the benefits of #PersonalFinance to everyone, regardless of his/her current economic or literacy level. Because, think about it, what better way is there for a vast majority of the citizens of a country to climb out of poverty?

Oil prices are falling, necessitating a diversification of the economy. The unemployment rate is still very high. Employers are struggling to pay the salaries of their workers and have had to retrench them in droves. The cost of doing business is high, no thanks to the current exchange rate; hence, business owners have to review their pricing upwardly or their businesses will die a natural death. The end result? A mass of idle, frustrated youths – a recipe for disaster, thanks to the large population that Nigeria is blessed with.

The LIMER Project was set up for such a time as this. Its Financial Services arm (LIMER Personal Finance) is a social enterprise pioneering financial literacy efforts across several socio-economic levels in Africa. #LIMERFinance is currently employing social media to engage in advocacy efforts on the benefits of #PersonalFinance. With several Twitter Hangouts lined up this season, youths with access to social media can take advantage of the holidays to re-strategise and take position for 2016. With the learning they get from the social media interactions, they are better equipped not just to look for jobs but to create jobs that will employ more young people like themselves.

As well, learning from the experience with the 498 public secondary school students trained thus far, #LIMERFinance is invading the schools with a more-robust curriculum. The focus is #Entrepreneurship and #PersonalFinance Management. Young people will acquire early, the information they need to NOT get into the rat race. There will be an eruption of teen entrepreneurs, building businesses that will solve global problems. They will build businesses that will outlive them, thanks to the #SuccessionPlanning knowledge infusion into their learning.

These youths will leave school with a clear idea what problems they will like to dedicate their lives to solving. They will know beforehand, how to spend the monies they will be earning, should they choose the path of paid employment. They will value time and examine every activity in the light of whether it is a waste or an investment of their time. They will take investment positions early, so that compound interest can work for longer for them.

#LIMERFinance, as part of its financial inclusion efforts will deploy its trainings at the weekly meetings of artisan groups. These trainings will be delivered in the local language of the people, ensuring the monies earned from their businesses get multiplied before it gets spent. They will come to subscribe to financial services like loans/credit facilities, insurance, etc that they had hitherto been excluded from, based on their qualifications/level of knowledge about the requirements.

Several home-based businesses will spring up, such that the number of streams of income of the average Nigerian will increase. Nigeria will be a country of people not merely talking about the harsh conditions they are confronted with. Rather, Nigerians will come to see every challenge as an opportunity to create a solution for Nigerians, and one that can be exported, as well.

Nigerians in paid employment will learn how to multiply their monthly remuneration while keeping their day jobs. They will save/invest part of their earnings, making it available to the financial sector and, thereby to businesses as capital or for business expansion. Professionals will go to work more fulfilled and excited about their jobs, knowing that their future is taken care of by their investments. With human resources as the most valuable assets of any business, one can only begin the impact of this state of mind on the bottom-line of existing businesses.

No longer will the government need to restrict daily spending limits on spending abroad. Because, the dollar will no longer threaten the Naira. The Nigerian people will have transformed our economy from being a consuming/import-based one to being a producing and exporting one.

Now, you know why that portion of the speech delivered by President Buhari earlier today is cheering news to me. Without doubt, it will lead to a Financial Revolution, with evidence in all areas of the economy.
The question for you, therefore, is: How can you be a part of this revolution?

Please send us an e-mail at Let’s discuss how you can profit from the financial revolution taking place in our country, and which will soon spread to the rest of the world.
Thank you in advance!

Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi
LIMER™ Personal Finance Coach

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