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“Kini you are doing?”

kini you are doing

I constantly have the neighbours’ kids coming to knock on my door. They simply want to play and sometimes are shut up by their parents for “making noise”.

Well, kids have got a lot of energy. And, if you don’t tell them where or how to deploy that energy productively, they’ll take the first choice that comes to mind – to play! (Yes, you’re right. Playing is also a productive venture. Lol!)
So, on this day, Olamiposi comes with her playmates like she’s been doing in that last 1 week. Somehow, it’s been a very busy week for me and I’ve had a lot to do at the time they typically get home from school. Needless to state, I couldn’t engage with them all week and she’d become tired of my, “Hello? Who’s there? Segun, how are you? Please, can you come back? I’m trying to finish up something. I’ll play with you later, okay?”
8-year old Olamiposi is tired of hearing me say that I am doing “something”. She needed to find out what had kept me away from their circle all week. So, she waited for me to finish reeling out my script and says,
“Aunty, kini you are doing?”
It was all I could do not to laugh at her choice of words. ‘Kini’ in Yoruba Language means “What?” She’d gotten tired of my excuses of being too busy to host them, as is the custom. So, from the depth of that frustration, she blurted out her thoughts the way it must’ve been on her mind, who cares what language (or, combo of languages) she was speaking in?
“Aunty, what’s your excuse this time?”
I had to find a way to pacify her before she ran off to play with her friends again.
So, in Olamiposi’s Yoruba-English language, “Kini you are doing about your finances? What’s your excuse this time? Why won’t you put them in order?”
It’s the end of the month and the 1st Quarter of 2016. As we journey into a new month and a new Quarter, this is a good time to re-strategise.
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Don’t let your children ask you in future, “Kini you were doing? What really was your plan to take care of me?” Lol.

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