Kayode Adeniji is a Legal Practitioner and Alternative Dispute Resolution expert. He specializes in reducing the litigation profiles of companies by offering legal advice to forestall future distractions to the business.

He is currently in charge of Litigation/Dispute Resolution Management for one of the top fortune 100 companies in Nigeria.

Kayode has offered legal advice on the resolution of international arbitrations and local litigations arising from shareholders’ dispute of a telecommunication company in Nigeria.

Between 2011 and 2013, he served as a member of the Young Lawyers’ Welfare Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in Lagos.

While still in High School, at the age of fifteen, in 1998, Kayode founded the Arts Department Club of Nigeria (ADC) which has the mandate of teaching and instilling leadership qualities in High School students.

The club is now in over 25 secondary schools in Lagos State.

Away from the spotlight, Kayode has been going to different secondary schools, teaching the message of change to teenagers, teachers and principals.

Kayode also specializes in real estate, contract negotiations, debt recovery and alternative dispute resolution. Kayode is a strong litigator and has represented corporate and individual clients in different courts of record.

As a thinker and civic obligation advocate seeking to revolutionize the African mind from backward norms and cultures, he has authored a book titled Righteous Man in Power, a classical guide on war, leadership, and political strategy for sincere people, desiring change in dangerous political scene of Africa.