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How Much Do You (Really) Need To Stay Alive?

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As hubby and I got ready to leave the house this morning, I looked at our jar of body cream and observed it was almost exhausted. As I made a mental note to scout for a replacement, a number of things dawned on me….

  • Note 1: Two adults had found a way to use 1 jar of body cream for almost 16 months (we bought the cream on August 12, 2015).

When I shared my discovery with hubby, he went “Are you saying you don’t have any other body cream? I had no idea we’d been sharing the same cream all this while. Lol!”

Hubby had shared his body cream with me without even noticing. It means he didn’t miss that portion of the cream that he ‘lost’ to my own body.

  • Note 2: You can share even the ‘little’ resource you have without the loss affecting you noticeably. Nothing is ever too little to share.

Then I considered that the body cream had cost us N600 (Six Hundred Naira) at the time of purchase and came to this conclusion….

  • Note 3: You only need so much to stay alive. Revisit and kill the myth that you just must invest in certain things and often, too.

In the same space of time since we purchased this body cream and now, some people have used 3 or 4 (possibly more expensive) jars of cream.

Somehow, they have come to believe that an investment in toiletries (for example) must be made every 3 months……just because!

I invite you to pay attention to what you spend money on today. Do you absolutely need to spend so much?

Are you indirectly borrowing from your future?

And, are you constrained from giving because you spend what you should save – and save what you should give away?

Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi
LIMER™ Personal Finance Coach


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