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LIMER Personal Finance is 1!


On December 1, 2015, after 6 years of preparations, LIMER Personal Finance began operations.

33 business professionals signed up for the first lunch-time bootcamp and there’s been no stopping us since then.

Today, through up to 14 self-organized programmes, I am happy to report to you that LIMER Personal Finance has devoted at least 4035 minutes (67.25 hours) to providing financial literacy education to 2,398 teenagers, undergraduates, jobseekers, business and career professionals, as well as market women.

We have exceeded our goal of reaching 2,000 direct participants in our programmes by December 2016!

We have been privileged to work with about 15 intelligent and resourceful volunteers in all to provide general and personalized services to our growing clientele, too.

At the 4 editions of the LIMER Personal Finance Conferences, we’ve had up to 19 industry leaders as Conference speakers.

And in July, 2016, Olubunmi was nominated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to volunteer her expertise on its Technical Committee on Financial Literacy Week, a role which afforded additional opportunities to take financial literacy education efforts nationwide.

All the glory go to God for the opportunity to make this much impact in so little time. Halleluyah!

In 2017, there are two major areas of focus for us at LIMER:

We will scale back a little on self-organized programmes and collaborate more with other individuals and organizations.

We have a continent-wide #UniversityCampusStorm up our sleeves which will have us taking the message of Financial Literacy and Character Development to the next generation of income-earners, right where they are.

You deserve to know these, because you have been very supportive of our efforts this year and we look forward to continued collaborations with you as we proceed.

Please feel free to reach out to Olubunmi via: Let’s discuss how you or your organization can come along on our tour of African Tertiary Institutions.

I should also tell you about our Budgeting for Couples (and Intending) programme going live this December.

No, not everybody can get in but…you deserve to know about it.

LIMER Personal Finance will help a number of couples to put their finances in order in preparation for 2017.

This opportunity cannot be taken by everyone, like I hinted. But, send in an email to: and we can decide whether you (and your spouse) will be one of the chosen few.

The future is bright, for us and for you, too. Let’s make it happen!

Merry Christmas in advance!

Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi.
LIMERâ„¢ Personal Finance Coach.

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