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Introducing #TheDeclutterChallenge!


We recently started looking at the almost incredulous idea of #giving as an avenue to increase personal wealth.

God, the One Who gives power to produce wealth, is set to do this via the avenue of #giving.
Now, do you think you don’t have anything to #give?
Are you absolutely sure?
Are you that person who knows, without an iota of doubt, that you have no problem with #giving and will #give freely…….if only God blesses you a little more?
Well, #TheDeclutterChallenge is for YOU!
Over the next few weeks, I will share with you ideas of what to #give through decluttering.
Soon, you’ll come to see that YOU ARE a huge blessing just waiting to realise it.
And, you will be the better for it because you will:
  1. enjoy the fulfillment that #giving brings with it;
  2. have fun in the process;
  3. connect with other people and learn creative ways to #give; and above all
  4. open up your life to the blessings that God is so anxious to send in your direction.
  • Share ideas with you about decluttering a particular space/area of your life.
  1. Declutter that space/area and share your experience here afterwards.
  2. Nominate about 5 of your friends to do the same.
If you’re up for this fun-filled, yet very-rewarding challenge, let me know in the comments section below!
I look forward to hearing from you….
LIMER Personal Finance Coach and Money Therapist.

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