#TheDeclutterChallenge by Olubunmi (Your Personal Money Therapist)


How many of those apps do you really use? How have they helped propel you in the direction of your goals?

Given the time you spend looking through and updating your social media accounts, how about you seek employment as a Social Media Manager? You should make money from your time and expertise, shouldn’t you?

And those automatically-downloaded pictures? You and I know you will never put them up as your DP. So, why keep them? Maybe it’s time to get selective about what you permit your phone to download, too.

How about your chat history? Especially those from groups you belong to. Do you ever go over them, say monthly or quarterly? So, why give them space on your phone without receiving rent + transport fare, sef? (You carry other people’s sometimes careless talk with you wherever your phone goes with you. Have you thought of that? Lol.)

You pay more than you should for data when you allow those social networking sites send you an email about what you already know you just did (e.g. You just liked a Tweet! Or, You have uploaded a new picture.) Is that why you are constantly running low on battery power, too?

Review all your notifications – SMS, Email, Audio, Desktop, etc. Uncheck those that are not so crucial to the security of your account.

Look through your computer. There are draft documents you will never use again. You probably created the document at the 5th place you worked in before this one.

Delete those documents. Your computer’s RAM will thank you for it.

Or, rearrange your documents in folders. You could stumble on precious files and reactivate networks or projects, in the process of decluttering.

Ahem! Those videos! Okay, you know what to do. Lol.

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