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declutter wardrobe

#TheDeclutterChallenge by Olubunmi (Your Personal Money Therapist)


Hmmm! Lol. How many clothes have you NOT worn in the last 6 months to 1 year? Would you like to sort through your wardrobe and fish them out? Maybe this will reduce your expenditure on drycleaning. You won’t always have to dryclean an outfit before and after wearing it.

Consider grouping your clothes according to colours. If you find out you have up to 15 green tops, for example, how about you be a blessing to 5 people and leave only 10 in that category?

Let’s go through your jewellery box next. Are there some in there that that single Mom you know can wear for her Valentine date? Have you got younger cousins or in-laws that will thank you for those beads?

How about those ankaras or lace materials that we both know you will never wear again. You only wore it once because it was an aso-ebi. Let’s auction them to the highest bidder, sorry, person most in need.

Those bags! They’ve gathered dust for long enough. Plus, some of them don’t fit into your next level of manifestation. Don’t reduce your ‘Social GP’. Be a blessing.

What?! You have 5 bottles of perfume? And, you still bother to take your bath twice a day? Okay, let’s give out one once you receive the next perfume gift.

You have 8 wrist watches and you still check the time on your phone? Let’s pick out which ones you can sacrifice, biko.

Next, let’s go through your shoes together…

What?! These many shoes and you have only 2 feet? What if you were a centipede? Lol.

Some of them are now too tight. Others have gone bad and you still haven’t been able to repair them till now. Still, some of them are no longer in vogue.

Don’t dump them in the trash. Find an NGO or orphanage to send them to. Or, just clean them up and dash a random beggar on the street.

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Consider this:
*Take the Challenge and share your experience in the comments below.
*Nominate up to 5 friends to take this Challenge and share their experiences, too. It’s more fun that way.


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