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less is easier

#TheDeclutterChallenge by Olubunmi (Your Personal Money Therapist)


You could do with the space. Plus, you may finally have fresh air come in.

Throw out those old newspapers or move them to the store/basement. They just keep gathering dust where they are. You know you don’t refer to them as often as you claim to. And, your sitting room is not a library, either.

Replace your center-table with side-stools until you get a bigger house. Put the albums on your bookshelf. Throw away the invitation cards for events you have already attended.

Give your old stereo set to a new couple just setting up their home. Or, to your cousin just leaving for the university. They are more focused on functionality than aesthetics now, so they will bless you for it. How many DVD players do you really need?

Tidy up those wires. Tape them together and tuck them away. Better still, go wireless wherever you can.

Your rug? It’s time to take it out and wash – or just beat the dust out. Maybe it’s time to replace the wall-to-wall rug with a centerpiece, too. The dust and dampness you cope with will reduce in quantity/intensity.

Move your shoes and sandals to your wardrobe/closet. Don’t build a colony of things you MAY need during the few hours you spend in that space.

Hey! Does that comforter/bean-bag still fit your sitting room? Or, is it time to move it out of sight?

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Consider this:
*Take the Challenge and share your experience in the comments below.
*Nominate up to 5 friends to take this Challenge and share their experiences, too. It’s more fun that way.


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