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#TheDeclutterChallenge: DECLUTTER YOUR KITCHEN

#TheDeclutterChallenge by Olubunmi (Your Personal Money Therapist)


Mentally go through your kitchen as you read this…

How many of the pots you have do you really use? Should you give some out?

Maybe this will even help you to NOT cook in excess – and to wash up before you prepare the next meal.

The equipments? The labour-saving devices? Are there any duplicates?

Can your blender do the work of your juicer?

When last did you use your microwave oven?

Is it your grill that forces you to host barbecue parties?

How many of those plastics do you really use?

Are they just there, some no longer with their covers? Yet, you unconsciously collect more as souvenirs from parties – just because you are given?

Do you really enjoy those quarterly or yearly parties you host? Or, is it your plates and cutlery you are just out to showcase?

Should you be starting a rental service with your collection? Or, partnering with an existing rental service to earn an income from your booty?

How many gas cookers do you really use?

When last did you bake anything with the accompanying oven?

Is it time to sell your 4-burner gas cooker and get a 2-burner table-top instead?

What else represents clutter in your kitchen?

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Consider this:
*Take the Challenge and share your experience in the comments below.
*Nominate up to 5 friends to take this Challenge and share their experiences, too. It’s more fun that way.


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