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#TheDeclutterChallenge by Olubunmi (Your Personal Money Therapist)


First off, is your bookshelf really a BOOKshelf?

Or, is it a store for your keys, chargers, belts, movies, etc.

When last did you visit the bookshelf to pick a book to read?

How many books on your shelf are not yours?

Go through the books again. Arrange them according to the topics they address or according to the authors.

Return the borrowed books to their owners.


return borrowed books

Give out books your children have outgrown to new mothers around you.

Then, create a timetable to read your books. You made sacrifices to acquire them.

Don’t let your sacrifice go to waste.

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Consider this:
*Take the Challenge and share your experience in the comments below.
*Nominate up to 5 friends to take this Challenge and share their experiences, too. It’s more fun that way.


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