Remember how much time you dedicated to Season Movies back in the University?

Have you thought about the number of hours you spent daily catching up with room mates or just hanging out?

How about the amount of emotional energy wasted as you agonized over pimples during puberty? Does it matter to you today as much as it did then?

Or, the drama scripts your existence became as you moved from one chic to another? Would you be as concerned about a girl’s beauty or fame today?

You must’ve realized by now that it is her character that will groom your child, not her rating on the popularity index.

Looking back now, are there other things you could’ve done during that time, other competencies you could’ve built?

Would you say you could’ve spent the time coding? Or, doing some buying and selling with your time?

Could you have lobbied your uncles and aunties more, only so that you can try several businesses, fail at some and emerge with one or two that work?

But, you didn’t see these things that way, did you? Your perspective changed over time.

Because, you didn’t really mean to waste time. It just happened in the process of living your life.

Well, let’s ensure it never happens again!

Let’s get your life in the direction you want it to go. Let’s harness all resources at your disposal toward the actualization of your real goals.


Please reach out to request this service. We’ll have you on course in a bit…



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