Embrace Your Uniqueness

No, please just stop that nonsense!


I mean… aren’t you tired of living through another person’s eyes?


You are only too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too quiet, too outspoken or any other ‘too’ if it is YOU who thinks so.


You are the best version of you at this time.

Maybe you aren’t as disorganized as the faceless “they” claims you are; maybe you just thrive in chaos.

Maybe you are better off working hard at selling anything (ethically) sellable, so that you can afford to employ a personal chef of global repute. Stop creating those disasters you call food, wasting time and other resources, ruining precious relationships in the process.

Maybe, just maybe, you should get your hands dirty, so you can employ a style consultant. It ain’t your fault you can’t see that your colours are mismatched.


Could it be that you can make do with owning only two pairs of jeans? Enjoy the opportunity to save. Why strive to be like your friend whose self-esteem is depleted greatly, if as much as 1 of her 20 pairs is slightly faded?


Do you work from home, rarely use your car and so can generate income from Uberizing it? Why not jump buses for a bit and generate enough income to purchase another?

Do you live on social media and can get paid to advertize the businesses of your friends while there? Embrace it. Stop nursing guilty feelings because your roommate has been coding all day.

Pay attention to what you do best and work even harder in those areas.
Stop dissipating energy trying to be as good as someone else.

I look forward to hearing stories of how you embraced your uniqueness and, therefore, soared!


Money Therapist at LIMER Personal Finance (www.limerglobal.com)

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