Is That Limitation Only Psychological?


During the time that I worked in paid employment, I rarely went to purchase my lunch myself.

Now, here’s why…

I am not necessarily the neatest person around town. But, my God, I am finicky!

An innocent stalk on the spoon being used to dish my fried rice could leave me hungry for the next 6 hours. I start by guessing whether what I observed is a stray film of dirt or mere thyme leaves.

By the time I am done analysing the origin, route to kitchen and age of the phenomenon encountered, I would’ve sufficiently convinced myself to wait until the next time ‘something edible’ comes along.

Of course, this happened consistently during my childhood and teenage years and I found a way around it in adulthood.

It was clear to me that I could not afford a suable restaurant on my salary – at least, not consistently. So, I would wait until the Office Assistant could help me purchase the meal I requested. No need placing myself in a situation where I won’t be able to eat what my income could afford.

What I was doing, without quite articulating it this way, is recognizing that limitation as merely psychological.

The canteens and the servers were clearly not as dirty as my brain was trying to make up. It was I who had special analytic abilities and needed to find a way to use this quality in a positive way.

Today, this same ability earns me income as a Personal Finance Planner and as a Substantive Editor.

Now, here’s where this whole story connects with you…

Some of the limitations you face in your relationship with money are only psychological. They aren’t tangible. Permit yourself to re-examine them with a trusted therapist and you will come out of the experience empowered – converting the same circumstances into an advantageous one for you.

LIMER Clinic Days are your opportunity.

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Talk soon…


Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi

Money Therapist at LIMER Personal Finance (www.limerglobal.com)

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