Use Your E Go Better Slot

The other day, I was painting a picture for an 83-year old.

As I typically do with my agbalagba friends, I attempt to increase your desire to live long. No point praying for you to live long, if you don’t want to, right?

Guess what his response was?

“I leave you people to do all those ones, jare. We have tried.”

Another 60-year old recently said:

“If any person at 60 is yet to be wealthy, let him just forget about it and stop tormenting himself.”

I could tell you about my conversation with another 40-something year old I spoke with but, by now you know what I’m gonna report, don’t you?

It’s the same apathy, an absence of the desire to try again – a lack of faith!

Nigerians have been described as being very optimistic. There’s an e go better spirit which makes them not necessarily more productive but more hopeful.

The conversations described above may be pointing to one fact: e go better sef dey finish.

So, use your slot while you are young. It is the victories you record now that will provide fuel for the e go better vehicle in later years.

Maximize your youth. Use it to build your e go better bank.

Because, if you miss your slot, you’ll struggle even harder in your later years to find the faith to press on.

So, tell me…

Are you using your e go better slot to full capacity?


Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi

Money Therapist at LIMER Personal Finance



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