LIMER Personal Finance is 2!



The journey to providing Financial Literacy education and Money Therapy services to Africans started officially on Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

On this day last year, I gave you a report on our activities during the first year in business. In case you didn’t get to see that report and would like to, please find it here.


As I settle in to invite you to join this year’s celebration, and share with you progress made thus far, several thoughts compete to be written down before their peers….


Total Reach

LIMER Personal Finance has now dedicated a total of 8958 minutes (149.3 hours) to training 3099 people directly. This was done through:

  • Personal Finance Clinics
  • Public Fora
  • Organizational Trainings


New Programs Introduced

In June, a mid-year review revealed the need to pay particular attention to building wealth for business and career professionals.

This we immediately jumped on through the introduction of the LIMER Personal Finance Clinics and the LIMER Personal Budgeting Course.


The LIMER Personal Finance Clinics

Similar to the medical practice where patients book in advance to see a doctor, these clinic sessions are pre-booked.

The LIMER Personal Finance Clinic (PFC) session is a 2-hour PRIVATE Money Therapy session that explores existing and potential money problems which, if not immediately addressed will continue to trump the finances of the individual, despite good intentions.

At the end of the session, the individual is able to recognize his/her own financial plan derailment triggers and is better equipped to counter the effects of those triggers.

Clinics hold on Wednesdays from 9a.m. – 5p.m. (GMT+1) and the fact that interaction is virtual makes it convenient for professionals to enjoy this service from any location in the world.

Since we launched, we’ve logged about 2028 minutes (33.8 hours), providing therapy to at least 14 professionals through this service.


The LIMER Personal Budgeting Course

Now the signature course for LIMER Personal Finance, the LIMER Personal Budgeting Course (PBC) is a month-long GROUP coaching program split into 2 parts.

The first part is comprised of daily 3-hour lectures for 12 days.

After this, participants book a 5-hour private therapy session to review the personal budgets and the introspection notes created during the first part of the Course.

Please read more about the LIMER PBC (including testimonials from graduates of the course) here:


Reaching GenerationNext

We recognize the need to continue to reach out to the younger generation with the Personal Finance Message. Hence, we were on invitation at the:

  • SOS Children’s Villages, Career Orientation Day on May 18, 2017
  • Valuable Generation Foundation, Seminar/Award Presentation/Graduation Ceremony on May 27, 2017
  • Temitope Merit Schools, Ibafo, Ogun State, Personal Finance Hangout on July 7, 2017


Personal Finance Management for Business and Career professionals

In 2017, we facilitated training sessions for:


  • Business professionals on several WhatsApp groups

As a business owner, you must know that employee-satisfaction has a direct impact on productivity and customer-satisfaction (a.k.a profits).

And, we have seen that sometimes employees don’t need more money as much as they need wisdom to manage the money you pay them.

So, give us access to your staff. Let us get them more appreciative of what you pay in remuneration.


Unfulfilled Promise

At the end of 2016, we promised that in 2017 we will:

  • collaborate more
  • visit African tertiary institutions

While more collaborations took place, no visit was made to the tertiary institutions.

Hence, we will give more priority to this in 2018 and have initiated talks with 2 specific partners in this regard.



We’re Recruiting!

Thus far, LIMER Personal Finance has operated a lean model, engaging virtual volunteers towards the execution of specific projects. Due to planned expansion, the need has arisen for 2 full-time interns to join the team.

If you are (or know) someone with excellent admin skills and passionate about joining a dynamic Personal Finance practice, please (ask the person to) send an email to: with the subject: I’d like to Intern.

There are 3 things we look out for at LIMER Personal Finance and you should know this:

  1. That you are a person of integrity.
  2. That you are hardworking.
  3. That you are innately a nice person.

All other skills can be acquired but these 3 are foundational.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Please send your e-mail indicating interest in an internship position to be considered.


The LIMER Editing Service

What we do to your finances, we also do to your writing. LIMER runs an online editing service aimed at cleaning out your manuscripts and putting structure to them for better engagement with your target audience.

In 2017, we helped about 20 authors comb through at least 1520 pages of writing, resulting in the publishing of 10 books and numerous articles. All these were accomplished without as much as a social media broadcast in advertisement.


We just thought you should know what else we’re capable of doing for you.


Olubunmi on Africa Business Radio’s Unravel With Ayoade Show

Only 2 days ago, Olubunmi was invited to discuss Wealth Planning for Individuals and Businesses on Africa Business Radio.

The response to that broadcast was very humbling, with numerous attestations to how useful the tips shared are in preparing for 2018.

Please click here to catch a replay of the show.

And, if you prefer, download the recording of the show to your phone – so it’s easier to listen on the go and share with friends, too.


Upcoming events

Many are somewhat apprehensive about 2018, wondering whether their current account balances will tide them over till the next income flows in. For some, the apprehension is due to overwhelm – of monies already received and others expected.

If you need help preparing for the huge blessings God will send your way in the New Year, then send a WhatsApp message to +2347085666618 and we’ll handle it.

God does not waste resources. He gives each one according to his/her capacity.

Let’s expand your capacity through either a private or group coaching session this holiday season. 2018 must be different!



Settling down to bring you a report on our activities during the year is a very rewarding experience.


  • keeps us accountable,
  • forces us to thank God for all the challenges we overcame,
  • helps us measure the impact of our work and
  • empowers us to prepare ahead for the coming year.


Thank you for being a valuable member of our community and for your interest in our work, too.


Merry Christmas in advance!


Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi

Money Therapist,

LIMER Personal Finance