The LIMER Personal Budgeting Course

Thank you for your interest in the LIMER Personal Budgeting Course!


I’m glad that you have finally decided to do something about the stirrings in your heart.



Your finances are about to take a new turn.


Soon, you will make decisions about how to invest, save, spend and distribute your money from an informed position.



The LIMER Personal Budgeting Course will help you find your financial equilibrium.


You will know precisely how much you need to stay alive. This will in turn help you decide what jobs to take, where to live, what you must do to maintain or increase this level of wealth, etc.


Never again will you find yourself wondering whether you truly can afford a thing or not. Because, even if you can’t afford it immediately, you will now know WHEN you are going to be able to afford that which you desire.


If you own a small business with inconsistent income, this course will help you put structure to your finances so that you can pay yourself a regular salary.


Imagine how much impact that will have on your planning?

And, if what is most paramount to you is using your resources for the advancement of God’s Kingdom, you are in the right place.

Because, at the end of this course, you will be able to pay your tithes accurately and give according to your level of wealth.


I congratulate you in advance!


On this course, we will:

  • Re-introduce you to Money
  • Address those mindsets and myths that keep you from making money
  • Examine ways to ensure you constantly attract money
  • Empower you to manage your money more productively
  • Assist you to create your own Personal Budget
  • Re-organize your small business finances so that you can pay yourself a salary
  • Make it easy for you to pay your tithes accurately
  • Ensure you can immediately start to give at your level of abundance
  • Assist you to re-organize your existing stock investments for e-dividend payment
  • Empower you to take advantage of the Federal Government Tax Amnesty available at this time


The next batch resumes on: Monday, April 2, 2018!


Course Duration: April 2 – April 28, 2018.

Online Platforms for Engagement: A WhatsApp Group + Google Docs/Sheets.

Time: 7p.m. (GMT+1) daily (Monday to Saturday)


To secure your spot on the course, please click the “Secure My Spot” button below to be directed to our payment page.


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Here are some Frequently

Asked Questions regarding this



  • Who really is the target for this course?

The LIMER Personal Budgeting Course is designed for businessmen/women and career professionals who need to master personal budgeting, tithing and giving.


  • I am a salary earner. Will I benefit from taking this course?

Yes, you will. Some salary earners also struggle with tithing and giving. Plus, everyone should have a Personal Budget, salary earner or business owner.


  • I desire to take this course, but don’t have the course fee. What do I do?

This course is priced way below its value and this, for your benefit. After this batch, the course fee will be reviewed upwards. Are you sure you really can’t find the money, or is that a money mindset thing that we need to address?

Chances are high you won’t know what you can afford if you have not created for yourself a personal budget. So, this is all the more reason to find the money to take the course.


  • When does this course commence and what is the mode of engagement with participants?

The next edition of the LIMER Personal Budgeting Course starts on April 2, 2018 and runs till April 28, 2018.

During the first two weeks, lectures hold in a WhatsApp Group between 7p.m. and 10p.m. everyday. Assignments during this time are done in an Online Workbook.

Thereafter, over a two-week period, participants will be helped individually to create and make sense of their personal budgets. This will be done via an Online Spreadsheet, giving both the participants and the instructor access to the same document in real-time.


  • What else can I expect from taking this course?

A lot! There will be case studies, videos, light-bulb moments, individual assignments, group assignments, etc. The course takes into consideration the need for several forms of engagement for effective learning to take place and incorporates same.


  • How do I pay for this course?

Please click the “Secure My Spot” button below to be directed to the payment page for this course.


  • I’d like a number of my family members/friends/colleagues to take this course with me. Are there any group discounts?

Yes, there are. Kindly send an email to with the subject “Request for Group Discount” to negotiate a discount based on the number of people signing up for the course through you.


  • I am not a techy person. Will I be able to benefit optimally from this course?

Yes, you will. The platform for engagement is WhatsApp and Google Docs/Sheets, so that everyone who has a smartphone can join in. You won’t need any extra technical skills to enjoy the course.


  • I am a very busy person. Will I be able to take part in this course?

The LIMER Personal Budgeting Course targets those who are ready to handle their money differently. If you suspect you will be too busy to focus now, you may put off taking the course until you are ready.

Bear in mind, though, that you may be paying more than today’s course fee to partake in the course by the time you are ready.


  • I really do want this course, but I don’t have money. Is there something else I can do?

Absolutely! One of the things you will learn from this course is that trade began long before money came on the scene. So, send an email to with the subject: “I’d like to Barter” and let’s discuss your offer.


  • What have earlier participants said about their experience on the course?
“My experience has been quite exciting. It’s been revealing, prompting deep thoughts and self evaluation of my purpose in life in relation to my attitude towards money.
The course delivery has been excellent, with the engagement “customized” to my individual needs. The value is immeasurable.”
                                                – S.P
“It is also clear that 2 weeks is enough only for a foundational appreciation of the immensely impactful personal budgeting course.”
                                               –  U.A.
“Here’s a summary of what I have learnt so far: “Before I set out to conquer the world, I need to conquer myself first!” “
                                               – O.J
“All in all, the experience has been revealing, thought-provoking and challenging.” 
                                              – A.D


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