Budgeting For Couples (and Intending)

Whether you are already married or thinking to, the Budgeting for Couples (and Intending) session helps you to clarify your immediate options viz-a-viz your life goals.

You’ll leave this session with optimism about your desired future.


There is never a perfect time to get your finances tidied up in preparation for the opportunities ahead.


And, especially when you have your spouse to draw positive energy from, you will in a short while be on your way to a deeper relationship (with each other and the rest of the world, too).


The Budgeting for Couples (and intending) session is a 5-hour interactive session, working to identify your income sources, optimize your expenditure and prepare you to be able to maximize opportunities that are sure to show up after you sort through the puddle currently called your money.


You can expect honest, yet non-judgmental responses to the deep-rooted (sometimes embarrassing) questions you could never ask anyone else.


Hence, the session leaves you knowing just what to do to increase your income, as well as energized to look positively into the future. Because, you would’ve moved from mere wishes to taking the steps required to birth your innermost dreams.


Your children (and their children, too) will benefit from the insights you gain and decisions you make as a result of this Budgeting session. It is that gift you can give yourself that will keep multiplying into the future.


Mode of Engagement:

Top priority is given to client’s comfort with technological tools.

This dictates how much work is required to get your finances on track and the session is priced accordingly.


Kindly send an email to: olubunmi@limerglobal.com and let’s get started.


This is the best time for this life-changing commitment!


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