LIMER Personal Finance Chaperon Service

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The programme is a 3-month personalized service which will help you make sense of the puddle that your finances presently are, and chart a course to get your finances in the direction of your real goals.


The LIMER Personal Finance Chaperon Service is designed for only 30 individuals.
This is Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi leveraging her Personal Finance Management knowledge and experience to tidy up the finances of 30 people who are tired of living life as dictated by the National economy or a particular system.
What it entails:
The programme is a 3-month personalized service which will help you make sense of the puddle that your finances presently are, and chart a course to get your finances in the direction of your real goals.
You will have access to:
  1. A Money Therapy session with Olubunmi.
  2. An uninterrupted 2-hour session of listening to you dig up and share your deepest dreams beyond your current realities.
  3. A unique financial plan in line with your most treasured goals.
  4. Suggestions for reducing your expenses while increasing your happiness.
  5. Help with increasing your income sources and level from each endeavor.
  6. Automated expense-tracking reminders.
  7. Intermittent virtual interactions to provide the emotional support you need to stick with your financial plan.
  8. Scheduled Skype check-ins to ensure you are on track with your financial plan and to make for modification, if the need arises.
  9. An exhaustive and reasonable budget (that will work for you) 3 months after the initial money therapy session.
  10. Discounted access to LIMER-organized events for 1 year.
  11. A Certificate to serve as a reminder about your new money commitments.
Rest assured…
  1. You will be interacting with one of Africa’s finest in the field of Personal Finance Management.
  2. Your dreams, experiences and financial information remain confidential during and beyond the contract.
  3. Your cash inflows will be an addition to a tidy Personal Finance structure, instead of further muddling up your finances.
  4. You will benefit from Olubunmi’s vast personal and professional networks to fix other issues affecting your finances.
  5. Your business and personal expertise will get introduced to Olubunmi’s exclusive network.
This Personal Finance Chaperon Service is for you if:
  1. You have almost nothing (judging by your potentials) to show for all your years of working hard.
  2. You are tired of living life as dictated by something or someone other than yourself.
  3. You know there’s more to you and would like to fit in the missing part of the puzzle.
  4. You’d like to be able to allow yourself to dream again.
  5. You desire that every cash inflow henceforth will bring you closer to your own dreams.
  6. You feel that you have a short time between now and when you will have to stop working, and you want to make the best of the time you have left.
  7. You’d really like to leave an inheritance to the next generation.

You may delay signing up for this Personal Finance Chaperon Service if:

  1. You are convinced your finances are in shape, with no room whatsoever to earn more or reduce your expenditure.
  2. You figure you can deal with money issues later in life, possibly when you have more money.
  3. You know you should pay attention to some money challenges you have identified, but are not ready to make the commitments you must make to address these challenges.

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If you are learning about Olubunmi’s Personal Finance expertise for the first time, you must have questions.
For all inquiries, kindly send me an e-mail via: Let’s tidy up your finances and, in a short while, have you in control of your life again.


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