About Us

LIMER™ Personal Finance is a Personal Finance practice helping business owners to plan the part of their lives that they typically leave untended: their personal wealth.


Too often, business owners focus so much on growing the business to the detriment of their personal wealth. LIMER Personal Finance ensures that your personal wealth grows alongside your business.


From ensuring you can consistently pay yourself a salary, to investing according to your risk-tolerance level and helping you prepare for the retirement of your dreams, a LIMER Personal Finance encounter with you will take this burden off you, so that you can gain dual-benefits from your entrepreneurial efforts.


LIMER Personal Finance employs physical and virtual learning platforms to reach you with our Money Therapy and Financial Literacy services.


Give us access to your staff and we will get them to appreciate the salaries you pay them even more. They need to hear from us that, sometimes, you don’t need more money as much as you need more wisdom to allocate the money you currently have.


In less than 2 years of existence, the team at LIMER™ Personal Finance has trained at least 3,003 people who are now better equipped to manage and multiply their money, too.


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