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The LIMER Personal Budgeting Course

Our signature training programme is the LIMER Personal Budgeting Course (www.limerglobal.com/personal-budgeting-course). The course helps participants find financial equilibrium. It empowers participants with the tools needed to take charge of their lives and finances.

On this course, participants are helped to re-examine their money-relationships and put structure to their finances so that they can live fuller, richer lives now, alongside preparing adequately for the future. It includes Exercises, Case Studies and Tests that ensure learning is practical.


Financial Wellness for Employees

A financially-well employee is highly productive and a valuable asset to the employer. On the other hand, an employee with financial worries will exhibit a decline in productivity and be distracted, with the adverse effects of this situation evident on the bottom-line of the business.

It is against this backdrop that LIMER Personal Finance designed and has deployed an in-depth financial wellness intervention for employees. The aim of this training program is to help the most valuable assets of every organization to engage more productively with the money they earn – evolving a financially free and highly motivated workforce.



Personal Finance Planning for Business Owners

Many a small business owner lack a clear separation between the business’s finances and that of the business owner. Such a situation, in addition to hampering the growth of the business, leaves the business owner stranded when the business collapses.

This service is designed to assist small business owners to put structure to their finances. It empowers them to put machineries in place that have them enjoying the same benefits that their counterparts in formal employment do.



Private Financial Planning Session

The team at LIMER Personal Finance regularly conducts private financial planning sessions for interested persons or organisations through Personal Finance Clinics.

This session can be conducted via Instant Messaging or a Skype/phone call, and holds for 2 hours on a day most convenient for the client.



The LIMER Personal Finance Conferences (Virtual & Physical)

The LIMER Personal Finance Conferences are an ongoing effort towards increasing access to financial literacy education for Africans.

In order to reach different segments and cadres of people, the conference is held virtually and at a physical location.

The virtual conference is an 8-hour interaction on WhatsApp, involving participants listening in and then reaching out to seasoned speakers with their finance-related challenges.

The physical conference is a 1-day event and involves face-time. Here, participants being taught money principles have the opportunity to network and ask the speakers questions directly.

Both the physical and virtual conferences are geared towards increasing financial literacy globally, as participation has been recorded from outside Africa.

The conference also seeks to give participants practical knowledge of handling their finances through introducing the concept of Personal Finance Management as the foundation for Business/Corporate and Public Sector Financial Management.

Other objectives of the conference are to:

 Provide a structure to individuals and families for managing finances.

 Build a network of like-minded individuals who believe both in working hard and working smart, and have come to subscribe to delayed gratification.

 Create a new financial mind-set in our youth, helping them to see time as their most-valuable asset.

 Stimulate thoughts towards points of intersection between current professions/businesses and the field of Personal Finance.



The LIMER Financial Literacy Programme for TEENS


The LIMER Financial Literacy Programme for TEENS teaches entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills to young people in secondary schools.

We believe that the best time to acquire financial skills is when one is still young and more impressionable. We therefore invade secondary schools to ‘catch them young’.




As a firm pioneering financial literacy education efforts across several socioeconomic platforms in Africa, there are several publications coming out of LIMER Personal Finance.


E-books on Past Conferences

E-books of past LIMER Personal Finance Conferences are available at www.limerglobal.com/resources. These e-books contain the full details of the presentation of the speakers at the conferences.

These e-books give readers a new perspective to Money, Business, Savings, Insurance, Financial Intelligence and Investments.



Research Reports

LIMER Personal Finance regularly conducts surveys on latest trends in the personal finance space across Africa. The results of these surveys will soon be provided for experts, practitioners and the general public on our website.


Thought Leadership Articles

The LIMER Personal Finance website is home to several articles and publications that will sponsor readers’ thoughts in directions they may not
have gone before but are crucial all the same.


Also, every Friday at 6a.m. (GMT+1), LIMER Personal Finance sends out personal finance-enhancement e-mails to her community of over 2,000 voluntary readers. You may join this community via this link: www.limerglobal.com/connect



The LIMER™ Personal Finance Ecosystem

There exist a Community ‎of people interested in improving on their financial literacy. This Community exists as a closed Facebook group here: